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1000W 22-65V / 2000W 45-90V on Grid Wind Turbine Generator Inverter Ouput 220VAC

1000W 22-65V / 2000W 45-90V on Grid Wind Turbine Generator Inverter Ouput 220VAC

1000W 22-65V / 2000W 45-90V on Grid Wind Turbine Generator Inverter Ouput 220VAC    1000W 22-65V / 2000W 45-90V on Grid Wind Turbine Generator Inverter Ouput 220VAC

Input voltage range: 22-60 VDC (for 24 V AC wind turbine) / 45-90 VDC (for 48 V AC wind turbine). Output voltage: 110 / 230v automatic detection output voltage range: 95-140v / 185-265v. The function of the limiter is to provide as much power as the load needs and it will not feed the excess power into the grid. The inverter integrates an anti-backflow function.

This function is used to quickly adapt the inverter output to the output of the user's electrical equipment and the output of the photovoltaic module in order to prevent the output of the inverter from being fed into the grid. When purchasing an inverter with non-return valve, we add a suitable current transformer to the accessories package, which is required for normal use of the non-return valve. New grid inverter for 3-phase wind turbines. Built-in dump load controller - Three-phase AC input from the wind turbine - Single-phase AC to the grid (220 V 230 V 240 V) - Built-in power limitation function.

The DC input range of the wind inverter, the test point should be on the DC side of the built-in rectifier of the inverter, but you can calculate from 3 phases the AC output voltage of the wind turbine to get the DC voltage Formula is Vac = Vdc / 1.732. For example, if the DC input voltage range of the inverter is 45 to 90V, the AC output range of the wind turbine should be 45 / 1.732 to 90 / 1.732 = 26V to 52V. The wind inverter must work with a 3-phase AC wind turbine.

There should be 3 wires away from the wind turbine. If the wind turbine is used to charge a 24V battery, please choose a 22-65V inverter. When the wind turbine is used to charge the 48V battery and the highest voltage below 65V, please choose the inverter 22-65V. When the highest voltage of the 48V wind turbine is above 65V and below 90V, please choose a 45-90V inverter.

Advantageous features of the 2G Wind Power Grid Tie Inverter. The mains inverter of the 2nd generation, new technical, higher efficiency. 99% Multiple intelligent protection for safe use. Connect directly to a three-phase wind turbine without a regulator Easy to install and easy to use. The electricity meter slows down.

The wind grid inverter can draw wind energy from the wind turbine and can be connected to the grid via its output cables without additional equipment. The installation is very convenient and reliable. The inverter can be connected to all sockets in the house network. The inverter with a small grid connection monitors the volume, the frequency and the phase of the home network and then generates pure sinusoidal alternating current, the frequency and phase of which are identical to that of the network and whose volume is then slightly higher than that of the network to the current-controlled PWM, to control the output power to the grid. The small inverter with a grid connection only outputs electricity when the home grid is switched on. When the wind turbine rotates and the voltage output is in the range of the nominal input voltage of the inverter, the wind turbine generates electricity and the grid-connected inverter changes the power from the wind turbine to the output grid. If the total power of the electrical devices used in the house is greater than the output power of the inverters, this power is consumed by the inverters in the house, which slows down the power meter, otherwise the difference in the power of the inverter between the total power consumed by the device is taken from the House delivered to the output network. Why do our line inverters need a limit function? --- It is a response to the overwhelming demand from our customers for a feature that can control the amount of electricity the line inverters can produce. With this function, the inverters only generate electricity no larger than the power of the loads, even if the inverters are connected to a solar panel with a large power.

We call this the "limit value function". Because in some countries the producer pays for the excess electricity that he feeds into the distribution network. This is because the electricity meter (the one provided by the local utility company) does not know the direction of electricity flow.

In other words, it is only added even if electricity is exported to the grid. Hence, electricity will be billed to the consumer even if it is fed into the grid, and this is the problem. Our SUN G2 series power inverters are integrated into this limit value function, so that SUN G2 series inverters can work in limit value mode or in normal mode (without limit value). You can make the configuration on the LCD display. Output power: 2000W Input AC / DC voltage range: 45 V 90 V.

AC output voltage range: 185-265 VAC Output frequency: 46Hz 65Hz Standby power consumption. Wind power grid inverter ---- 1 pc. Tipping load resistance --- 1 pc.

Limiter sensor / clamp / cable ---- optional. Q: Can this inverter work when the power is off? The line inverter no longer works when the grid is switched off. Q: Can this inverter be connected in parallel? A: Yes, the line converter is stackable.

You can connect two or more inverters to a large wind turbine. This item is in the category "Home, Furniture & DIY\DIY Materials\Electrical Supplies\Alternative Energy Supplies\Wind Power Supplies\Wind Turbines & Kits". The seller is "bayoung-new-energy" and is located in this country: CN. This item can be shipped worldwide.

  1. Watt: 2000W / 45V-90V
  2. Wift option: with WIFI
  3. Current Output: 20-29 A
  4. System Configuration: Grid-Tie
  5. Power Source: Wind
  6. Wattage: 1500-1999 W
  7. Current Rating: 21-30 A
  8. Brand: Bayoung
  9. Current Type: AC
  10. Type: Wind Turbine Generator
  11. Voltage: 45-90V
  12. Features: All Daylight Conditions, Automatic Voltage Detection, Brushless Motor, Corrosion Resistant, Daylight Operation, Fixed Guyed, Flexible
  13. Resistance Properties: Abrasion Resistant, Acid Resistant, Antimicrobial Resistant, Chemical Resistant, Childproof, Child Resistant, Corrosion Resistant, Dustproof, Dust Resistant, Fade Resistant, Fingerprint Resistant, Fire Resistant, Flame Retardant, Gasoline/Oil Resistant, Grease Resistant, Heat Resistant, Impact Resistant, Moisture Resistant
  14. Charging Mode: MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking)
  15. Application: Agriculture/Farming, Aquaculture, Back-up Power, Camping/Hiking, Commercial, Electronics, Home/Garden

1000W 22-65V / 2000W 45-90V on Grid Wind Turbine Generator Inverter Ouput 220VAC    1000W 22-65V / 2000W 45-90V on Grid Wind Turbine Generator Inverter Ouput 220VAC