Wind Generator Turbine

2000W Vertical Wind Turbine Generator 120V 220V Maglev Helix Wind Power Windmill

2000W Vertical Wind Turbine Generator 120V 220V Maglev Helix Wind Power Windmill

2000W Vertical Wind Turbine Generator 120V 220V Maglev Helix Wind Power Windmill    2000W Vertical Wind Turbine Generator 120V 220V Maglev Helix Wind Power Windmill
2000w Vertical Wind Turbine Generator Maglev Helix Windmill 96v 220V Wind Power. Wind turbine diameter: 0.75 m. Rated wind speed: 12m / s. Starting wind speed: 1.8 m / s. Survival wind speed: 40m / s. Generator: 3-phase permanent magnet synchronous generator. Lifespan: More than 20 years. Warehouse: HRB or for your order. Permanent magnet material: rare earth NdFeB. Working temperature: -40 to 80. Small, light, stable and safely 5. High efficiency, could be hybrid system with solar panels. Applications: Marine, Boat, Streetlights, Home, Openning Plaza lighting.

2 pcs blades, 1 set generator and 1 set bolts &nuts. BECOME ENERGY SELF-SUFFICIENT Living off the grid and being self-sufficient feels good. Energy self-sufficiency is also a form of security. Power failures on the utility grid do not affect off-grid wind systems. On the flip side, batteries can only store a certain amount of energy, and during cloudy times, being connected to the grid is actually where the security is.

You should install a backup generator to be prepared for these kinds of situations. Amortization of a wind turbine Innovative energy thinking naturally has its price in the beginning, but in view of the skyrocketing energy prices, this is already a worthwhile affair in the medium term. During research, experts have found that wind turbines are more effective and pay for themselves faster than other renewable energies, even without subsidies. Of course, one thing is also clear: Even a fraction of the wind, water and solar potential would be enough to supply the whole world with the energy it needs, so why not start right away?

That is why the use of wind energy to support heating and to generate electricity is definitely appropriate. Small wind power plants or small wind turbines are already available in almost every size and different scope of services.

Systems with an output of up to 5000 watts, i. 5 KW, are generally considered to be small wind turbines. They are also available in all price ranges. The price fluctuations with manufacturers and offers can, however, fluctuate quite sharply - between 4000, - Euro (sometimes less) and up to 30,000, - Euro.

The best way to get really precise and binding price information here is from a specialist dealer. In any case, the price depends on the size of the system and its capacity. It is just as important whether the installation is carried out by a company or whether you do the assembly and subsequent maintenance yourself. The payback period for small wind turbines depends largely on various factors.

This includes, for example, the amount of wind at the location, the proportion of self-consumption, the general electricity price and any feed-in tariff. Small, private power generation systems statistically pay for themselves - depending on their size - in a period of between 5 and 15 years and are therefore definitely a good investment.

After the first 10 years, your own electricity is actually free and free of charge. Not only the sun, but also the wind does not send an invoice! This also has the pleasant side effect that the system operator can leave future electricity price increases completely "cold". You are also protected against sudden power outages caused by severe weather disasters. Basically, it can be said that a wind speed of 2.5 m per second is sufficient to charge a battery.

With slightly larger systems, you can also feed energy into the grid and thus still make a profit with the free wind. For this, the system must of course be correspondingly large.

However, as with all other types of energy conversion, 100% use of wind energy is definitely not possible. In any case, the wind speed is decisive for the amount of energy. In purely mathematical terms, the energy content in the air flow increases cubically, which ultimately means that doubling the speed would theoretically result in an energy yield that is eight times higher.

As I said - theoretically with 100% usage. In fact, the efficiency of the energy obtained is only 59.3%. But even here, a wind turbine is always worthwhile. The following example can illustrate this a little more precisely: If a wind turbine were to deliver an output of 400 watts for only one week without interruption, it would generate approx. 67 kWh of electricity during this time, which would be sufficient for a 20 watt light bulb for a total of 20 weeks or 3360 Let hours burn!

This is not a toy! This is a serious investment!

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  1. Volt: 48V
  2. System Configuration: Off-Grid
  3. Power Source: Wind
  4. Inverter Technology: Hybrid
  5. Custom Bundle: No
  6. Wattage: 2000W
  7. Rotor Diameter: 0.67M
  8. Material: Fiber Glass
  9. Rated Wind Speed: 12m/s
  10. Item Length: 150cm
  11. Brand: Bayoung
  12. Current Type: AC
  13. Type: Wind Turbine Generator
  14. Voltage: 48V 96V 220V
  15. Axis Orientation: Vertical
  16. Features: All Daylight Conditions, Automatic Voltage Detection, Bluetooth Module, Brushless Motor, Corrosion Resistant, Daylight Operation, Fixed Guyed, Flexible, Foldable
  17. Number of Blades: 2
  18. Charging Mode: MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking)
  19. Application: Agriculture/Farming, Aquaculture, Automotive, Back-up Power, Camping/Hiking, Commercial, Electronics, Home/Garden, Irrigation, Marine
  20. Protection Properties: Anti-island Protection, Black Current Protection, Discharge Protection, Freeze Protection, Frost Protection, Lightning Protection, Low Voltage Protection, Open Circuit Protection

2000W Vertical Wind Turbine Generator 120V 220V Maglev Helix Wind Power Windmill    2000W Vertical Wind Turbine Generator 120V 220V Maglev Helix Wind Power Windmill