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Wind Turbine Generator WiFi Monitor Battery Discharge Wind On-Grid-Tie Inverter

Wind Turbine Generator WiFi Monitor Battery Discharge Wind On-Grid-Tie Inverter

Wind Turbine Generator WiFi Monitor Battery Discharge Wind On-Grid-Tie Inverter   Wind Turbine Generator WiFi Monitor Battery Discharge Wind On-Grid-Tie Inverter
Wind Turbine Generator WiFi Monitor Battery Discharge Wind On-Grid-Tie Inverter. This Grid Tie Power Inverter is the world's most technologically advanced inverter for use in utility-interactive applications. This integrated system maximizes energy harvest, increases system reliability, and implifies design, installation and management. The small type solar grid tie power inverter can obtain the solar energy from solar panel, and can tie to the grid through its output cables with no extra equipment. The installation is very convenient and reliable.

We call the system combining with small solar grid tie inverter and solar panels as'SGPV'. The system includes solar panels and small type grid tie inverter and installation kit.

Solar panels can be mono silicon, polygon silicon, non-crystal film or any other material that can transform solar energy to electric energy. The power of grid tie inverter should be matched to the power of solar panels connected. So the power of SGPV is defined by its solar panels, it can be standardization according to the actual using. The inverter can be connected to any outlets of utility grid at house.

The small grid tie inverter monitors the volume, frequency and phase of the home utility grid, then produce pure sine wave AC power that the frequency and phase are as same as the grid's, and the volume is a bit higher than the grid's, then according to the current controlled PWM, to control the output power to the grid. The small grid tie inverter just puts out power when the home grid is on.

When the sun shines, the PV panel will produces DC voltage, and the grid tie inverter will change the DC voltage to AC voltage and puts out power to the home grid. When the total power of electric apparatus that are using in the house is larger than the output power of the inverters, these power from the inverters will be consumed in the house, this will slow down the power meter, otherwise, the difference of the output power of the inverter between the total used power of the apparatus will go out from the house to the out grid. Why we produced the GRID TIE INVERTER WITH LIMITER?

It is in response to the overwhelming clamor from our customers for a product that can control the amount of power that the grid tie inverters (GTI) can generate so that the amount of excess power produced by the solar panels are reduced to insignificant levels, if not eliminated --- because in some countries, the producer pays for the excess power it gives to the distribution grid. This is because the electric power meters (the one provided by the electricity provider in the area) are not aware of the direction of power flow. In other words it only adds even if power is exported to the grid, thus, the consumers will be charged for power even if it is given to the grid, and this is the problem. This is the 2nd generation grid tie inverter with limiter. But in case customer install inverter far away from the main circuit breaker, we also enable the 2nd GTIL work with stand-alone limiter, we call this-external limiter.

For sure, the inverter can work under normal Grid tie-no limit mode, just set on the nice LCD and save your setting. New upgraded firmware enable battery or solar limiter current and power model. User can set the maximum output power of inverter, this can make the inverter work at cooler contition as user want and extend the lifespan of the inverter.

User can set kick in/off voltage of the inverter which can flexible using with battery bank depend on users mind and can prevent battery bank from over discharged. MSC Wind Grid Tie Inverter with Limiter. DC input voltage (Rectifier AC-DC).

Auto: 115V(95V-140V); 230V(185V-265V). Optional:240V(US 2 Phase)/230V. Auto: 50Hz(47.5-51.5Hz);60V(59.3-60.5Hz). Integrate with internal limiter and external limiter function which can prevent excess power from going to the public grid. Utility grid AC voltage, waveform, frequency 2.

Every day power and power generation curve, total power 3. Shows real time power, input voltage, inside temperature, date and time 4. Set the clock and date. Blue(stock), Gold and Silver(custom-made). Plug(EU or USA standard). Installation Instructions Installing Sunshine Grid Tie Power System involves several key steps: 1.

Considering the total capacity of the grid tie power system that you need. Choosing applicable wind turbine for Sunshine Grid Tie Inverter.

Selecting accessory for installation of the Grid Tie Power System. Selecting correct model of Sunshine Grid Tie Inverter.

Installing wind turbine to suitable place. Installing Sunshine Grid Tie Inverter to suitable place. Connecting Sunshine Grid Tie Power System with cables and connectors. Example of Installation of 1KW grid tie power system. In order to explain the installing operation, we assume that there is a house that the usual.

Electricity consumption is about 5KWH per day, and the wind is high enough to drive the. 2, Choosing Applicable Wind Turbine. 3, Choosing connecting cables and connectors that will be connected between wind turbine and gird tie inverter.

If the wind turbine is DC output type, then you should choose AWG 6 connecting cables, and if the wind turbine is AC output type, then you should choose AWG 8 connecting cables according to the table 3. When you choose connectors, the connectors must can hold the cuurent above the Imax. Till now, you can follow these steps to complete the installation of wind grid-tie system. Grid tie invereter connected with AC output type of wind turbine. Connecting two MSC-1000G2-WAL with a max.

Power is 2KW wind turbine. Three Phases Grid Tie Power System. For example, installing a 3KW grid tie power system to three phase utility grid. The diagram is shown in Fig.

8, we seperate 3KW power sytem to three power system units, every unit has 1KW power. Connecting every system unit to different phase, this can balance all grid tie power to three phases of the utility grid.

Follow this way, you can install more large grid tie power system to three phases, just seperate the whole power system to three equal power system units. There may be some delays due to flight, holiday, weather, local post, local natural disaster impact.

It must also be in the original packaging. This item is in the category "Home & Garden\Home Improvement\Electrical Supplies\Alternative Energy Supplies\Wind Power Supplies\Wind Turbines & Kits". The seller is "rodonite-7" and is located in this country: CN.

This item can be shipped worldwide.

  1. Color: With Wifi Module
  2. Input Voltage: 22V-60V
  3. Output Voltage: 95-265V
  4. Current Output: Other
  5. Maximum Submersion: Other
  6. System Configuration: On Grid Tie
  7. Solar Technology: Other
  8. Power Source: Other
  9. Custom Bundle: No
  10. Maximum Flow Rate: Standard
  11. MPN: 9214393946
  12. Rotor Diameter: Standard
  13. Rated Wind Speed: Other
  14. Item Length: Standard
  15. Wire Gauge: Other
  16. Accessories: Dump load resistor/ Limiter(sensor)/ Wifi(optio...
  17. Current Type: AC/DC
  18. Output: Pure Sine Wave
  19. Voltage: 24V/ 48V
  20. Axis Orientation: Vertical
  21. Features: Durable
  22. Protection Properties: Other
  23. Output Frequency: Auto: 50Hz(47.5-51.5Hz);60V(59.3-60.5Hz)
  24. Pliability: Rigid
  25. Output Power: 1000W(Rated)
  26. Maximum Input Power: Other
  27. Maximum Input Voltage: 22V-60V 45V-90V
  28. Inverter Technology: Power Optimizer
  29. Output Current: 8.3A@120V; 4.3A@120V
  30. Current Rating: Other
  31. Material: Other
  32. Brand: Unbranded
  33. Type: Wind turbine
  34. Model: W1000W24/W1000W48
  35. Recommended Environment: Indoor/Outdoor
  36. Country/Region of Manufacture: China
  37. Resistance Properties: Waterproof
  38. Application: Agriculture/Farming, Back-up Power, Electronics, Home/Garden
  39. Power: 1000W
  40. Minimum Well Casing Diameter: Standard
  41. Maximum Water Head: Other

Wind Turbine Generator WiFi Monitor Battery Discharge Wind On-Grid-Tie Inverter   Wind Turbine Generator WiFi Monitor Battery Discharge Wind On-Grid-Tie Inverter